Best Backup Apps for BlackBerry

Your smartphone holds a lot of valuable, personal and sensitive information, including photographs, videos, music and contacts. Therefore, it’s sensible to backup this data whit the help of backup apps. Here are the two most popular BlackBerry apps to Backup and Protect your smartphone’s valuable info –

1. iDrive Lite


Use ‘IDrive Lite’ to backup and restore contacts to or from your BlackBerry.

How to Backup your BlackBerry Contacts using iDrive –

Install the IDrive Lite app and sign up for an account. Your contacts are automatically backed up to it. In case you modify your contact information, tap the ‘Backup’ button to backup the same.

How to Restore your BlackBerry Contacts using iDrive –

In case you lose or delete a contact and would like to restore it from your online account, select the ‘Restore’ tab and use any of the following option – Restore All, Restore selected contacts, Restore from other device(s), Restore contacts from another account.

You can even Login at idrivelite web portal to manage your contacts via the web. You can add, edit or delete contact information, import contacts from Facebook and view logs of the activities performed from the website and the application.

2. MyBackUp

Natively an Android app, MyBackup Pro is now available for BlackBerry as well. MyBackup Pro allows you to create backups of your phone’s important data, and gives you the ability to restore that data on any phone MyBackup Pro supports, regardless of the platform. For eg. Backup from Blackberry, restore on Android. It support all BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS 5.0+

Features provided by MyBackup Pro for BlackBerry:

  • Backup to your SD Card or online Secured Servers. In case of a lost phone (or damaged phone\memory card), when your backup is online the information is still retrievable.
  • Ability to Schedule a backup to run automatically daily or weekly.
  • Online and Device Data viewers allow you to view data in a backup without having to restore it.